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I know I ditched the Moby wrap with Eloise, but next time around (no, not happening now), I plan to try again.  Um, and this one...I'd go with this one.  Because it is awesome and gorgeous {The Wrap by Solly Baby}.

Oh, and on that note...a baby gear notes for moms-to-be now that Eloise is 18 months:
Totally and completely have always regretted not having a video monitor.  I thought we didn't need one.  It's true.  We didn't.  But it would have been really nice. And we would still be using it now.


Changes so far below.   A work in progress.   ps - new rugs make a huuuuge difference :) And pps - those etsy pillow covers: totally awesome.

3 years.

Three years with this guy on Wednesday.  So thankful.

Baby dolls.

A current obsession of Eloise's life: baby dolls.  Usually, one perched on each shoulder.  I'm pretty sure the sight of it could quickly melt the coldest heart.  She's pretty hard not to love, even with all of that 18-month newly-found feist (18-month update soon hopefully...for documentation's sake).

Living Room Changes...

Our living room has been getting a tiny facelift.  I'm pretty excited.
First, a new chair to replace an old couch.   Next, this rug will arrive soon from Overstock.

And these amazingly cheap pillow covers from etsy (too many choices!).  Ended up on these...

Then, hopefully painting the walls a nice blue (Palladian Blue to be exact) and maybe adding some pink or coral curtains.  I'm excited for a little change and some more color!

Caitlin Wilson.

A girl can dream.   I think I would have all Caitlin Wilson Textiles if our budget permitted...
{From MatchbookMag}

Blazing through.