Saturday, July 28, 2012


I know I ditched the Moby wrap with Eloise, but next time around (no, not happening now), I plan to try again.  Um, and this one...I'd go with this one.  Because it is awesome and gorgeous {The Wrap by Solly Baby}.

Oh, and on that note...a baby gear notes for moms-to-be now that Eloise is 18 months:
Totally and completely have always regretted not having a video monitor.  I thought we didn't need one.  It's true.  We didn't.  But it would have been really nice. And we would still be using it now.


  1. We have a video monitor, and I agree at first I thought it might be a little unnecessary, but it has been ESSENTIAL! It has really gone through the ringer with Jonah too (traveling a lot=kinda broken, taped together now), so I think with our next one we might upgrade. My brother has one for his daughter where you can use your iPhone as the handheld monitor. Seriously, video monitor and cloth diapers are my favorite baby products thus far. Also, lovelovelovelove the new living room! Tre chic! ~Katie


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