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Happy Seven-Month Birthday!!

Dear Eloise,

Tomorrow you turn seven months old!!  Now that we're past six months, it seems like time is flying even faster.  I'm hoping it will slow down!!  

This month you've been very, very entertaining.  You started blowing raspberries a couple of months ago, but now I actually put a bib on you sometimes because you do it so often.  Spit goes everywhere.  Raspberries are kind of your standard response when people talk to you.  I mean, why not?  You've started laughing a little more easily.  And I do mean a little.  It's so sweet when you laugh.  But the absolute sweetest thing you do is smile a huuuuge smile, stick out your tongue just a little bit, then scrunch your nose.  Absolute delight.  With this, we know you're a happy, happy girl.

In other big news?  You sit up!  On your own!  Ok, let me clarify.  We put you in the sitting position and you remain in that position for quite a while.  This is new just in the past week.  You were almost sitting on your own last week, at least for a few seconds, but when your dad got home from his trip on Thursday, we were able to show him what a big girl you are.  You love being able to play while you sit up.  Your stuffed animals and books are probably your favorites.  Today you took a few of your toys and slammed them against the floor over and over again.  I think you were having fun.  Whatever floats your boat.

You  roll back and forth all the time now.  Before, you were able to roll, but you didn't seem too interested.  Now, it's just old news.  You start out sleeping on your back, but we usually find you on your belly in the morning.  I'm so happy that you can do this on your own now, because you've always liked being on your belly more.  You do lots of push-ups, too!  

You know what you haven't gotten too old for?  Cuddling.  And that makes me one happy momma.  It is the best.  Such a cuddle bug and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Sometimes it's hard to put you down.  The only thing we have to watch out for is when you seem like you want to cuddle, and it turns out it was all in your ploy to try to rip off our ears or hair.  Which hurts.  Really, it does.  Babies have a mad grip.  You have to pry off their little fingers.

You eat a few more solids now.  Prunes, Carrots, Cereal, not such a fan of peas.  The other stuff depends on the day.  Sometimes you love it and other times you'd think I was torturing you.  During the torture times, you like to take the food you have chosen not to eat and store in in your mouth between your lips, cheeks, etc, allowing anyone who is holding you five minutes later to also have prunes.  On their shirt.  

You respond to your name now (amazing!) and you are very much aware of who is around you.  You know we're you're mom and dad (wonderful feeling).  No serious separation anxiety yet, though.  Looks-wise, you have started to grow hair again.  Now it is very blonde.  And it sticks straight up in the air like a little bird.  And overall, you still look a lot like your dad.

It is such a blast to be around you, to see you develop and grow.  You are growing way too fast for my liking!  To my special and sweet little one, happy seven-month birthday!

Your mom


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