Wednesday, May 11, 2011

E.A., PA-C

We're trying to get prepared for PA school (starting June 6th), detail-wise and emotion-wise here at the Kemp household.  Eloise is now very ready, thanks to Da (my dad).  She'd be the cutest little PA or doc out there, as long as nobody minded that she couldn't talk or sit up on her own... 


  1. you know - my mom went to PA school at SIU when i was in high school. not sure what type of program you'll be taking, but if you have any questions about it, i'm sure she'd love to talk to you.

    and of course, eloise is absolutely adorable. of all the blogs i read, yours is the one that most makes my uterus ache. it's dangerous.

  2. Thanks!! I might! For some reason I don't think I realized she went to SIU. Did you know she and my dad worked together? I think my parents keep in touch with yours! Fun, fun!

    I laughed out loud when I read your last comment. I am sorry (but not so sorry...hehe.) that is makes your uterus ache. I will write some horrible posts on all the awful parts of parenthood soon to help with that. I'm tired a lot. And I always smell like spit-up. I promise. :) Umm, can you believe you're getting married soon?


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