Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eloise Anne!

Today.  Your 2nd Birthday.

Wow.  Just two years ago right now we were in the hospital, after what seemed like years of waiting for you.  I was in labor, and just about three hours away from your arrival.  And then the world changed, in the best of ways.  Miss Eloise, you have continually been the greatest joy and the most amazing blessing to us.  Our love for you is as deep as the ocean, as wide as the world is round.  Vast beyond measure, and only growing.  It's a visceral, gut-wrenching love.  No matter what you do, this will never, ever change.  You have given me the tiniest glimpse into the intensity of God's love for us, and for that I'm so thankful. 

I've seen this quote around...I have no idea where it came from (I should look that up), but it says, "You are our greatest adventure."  That's so true.  Nothing compares.  You are so fun and such a delight.    And currently, such a pistol.  Even in your crabbiest moments, you're still entertaining.  So, I will tell you a few things about yourself at this age to look back on.    

You continue to talk a lot.  It's very entertaining.  You narrate most details of your day.  Your verbal skills have definitely developed quickly (apparently gross motor wasn't your thing :), and you make sure to use new words as often as possible.  You've been speaking more in sentences, expressing your wants and needs.  This is wonderful, now knowing what you want.  Also a little hard, because sometimes just because you say you want it and please does not mean you will get it (a lesson that fundamentally takes years to understand).  Favorite phrases include, "I want a nana," "I need that," "I wike it," "I no wike it."  You get the jist.

There's also a lot of singing involved in life these days, especially action songs, as your daycare calls them.  Top of the list includes Monkeys on the bed, Old MacDonald, Wheels on the bus, Farmer in the Dell, ABCs and so many more.  I must get more on video.  Some of these songs can distract you from even your worst tantrums.  And you love the motions to go along with them.  Notably Monkeys on the bed and Wheels on the bus).

Other things you like include baking in your kitchen, taking care of your baby dolls, reading massive amounts of books (you love the Nutcracker right now for some reason), dressing up (princess dresses mostly and your fireman hat), and still dancing.  That has never stopped.  Have music, will dance.  And play the triangle.  Yeah, you rock that triangle.  You wake up each morning happy, usually jumping up and down in your crib, yelling "boing, boing."  Then you typically ask for breakfast, which you still call "dinder."  Favorite dinder - cereal and milk.  Then, when you get out of your crib and say, "walking, walking, walking...c'mon, c'mon," while you walk us to the living room to play.

I'm amazed at how much your personality has developed.  Your sense of humor is already apparent.  Goofy is probably one of the best words to describe you.  Silly all around.  Which is pretty darn fun.  You're also pretty stubborn and strong-headed.   We're learning how to discipline you and that's our biggest challenge right now.  How to help you develop without squashing you, but without letting you run wild.

It's pure joy to be called your mama.  Love you, little one.  I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you.  :)

Love, Your Mom

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