Monday, January 28, 2013

Birday partee!!

Had a small family birthday party for Ellie on Saturday.  She woke up that day and knew from the decorations that we were celebrating.  And she had a lot of fun.  Two sets of grandparents in one place...yes, please.  She got that table and chair set below from Zach's parents and refused to get up, hence the reason she is in it in almost all of the pics.  My brother literally carried her in it to the dining room. And the girl likes cake.  The next morning, the first thing she asked for was more cake.  Naturally.

{p.s. Used this link to make tablecloth.  Most products from Shop Sweet Lulu or Target.  My mom made the lovely cake and toppers.  And the invite is from Paper by Paperless post (you can pay a few dollars to receive a paper copy of your evite, which is fun)}.


  1. Hey, love those tassels! ;) Also love the little pom poms you put on the table cloth, super cute! ~Katie

  2. I always check out our blog if I want a dose of girliness and pretty!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. See how it works on my blog post:

  3. You always have the best party decor! What a lucky daughter you have :)

  4. Can you plan me a birthday party?? So much amazing PINK. Love.


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