Monday, August 9, 2010

Maternity Land is Vast.

A little tricky, but vast.  I've fallen in love with my stretchy pants (and as of last week, they no longer became a choice).  They're pretty comfy.  Anyways, I'm going to share a few of my favorite maternity finds so far. 

I'm in love with my James Jeans maternity "jeggings" (found super on sale at Nordstrom).  They're my first pair of jeggings and they actually happen to make me feel great.  Apparently the idea is to suffocate my legs in hopes that at least one part of me will look smaller.  (Another good find: Gap Maternity's "Always Skinny.")

I ordered this shirt in a light blue and I'm waiting to fit into it.  Alanna has the striped version and it looks so cute on her belly! :)

Isn't this dress from the Gap too cute?!

An awesome trench from Ann Taylor Loft Maternity.  A lot of mulah for a few months, though.  :(

Isabella Oliver "Empire Tunic."   Pretty darn cool.  Pretty darn expensive.  The whole website is amazing.


  1. I was getting so discouraged, I can't find any maternity clothes I like out here. But now I have some ordering to do, thanks for the tips!! ~Katie


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