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A basically finished nursery for Eloise.

So excited for her nursery to finally be done, other than a few little things to add (I've kind of puttered out on hanging things for a bit).  And so excited to share it!  Now, we just need the baby!  C'mon, little El.

{Pass down furniture painted white; Target Flower Table; Target Changing PadCirco Scandi Night Light; Lowe's Stainless Bin for toys}


  1. Colleen, so sweet :) I absoluteley love it! It's actually exactly how I pictured it would be ... whimsical, stylish, and fun. She's going to love her new little pad!

  2. Totally stunning! What a beautiful room to grow up in.

  3. love this! where is the actual crib from?

  4. Thanks, Heather and Al!

    Toria - I totally forgot to put that on there! :) It's the Da Vinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 stationary convertible crib in white (my mom ordered it from, but they have it other places!).

  5. Found your pictures looking for that cute flower accent table. What a cute nursery! Blessings on your delivery and baby girl on the way!! :)

  6. I linked to your post in my blog, have a great day!

  7. Love it. But PLEASE take down the wall hanging over the crib. Very dangerous to have anything hanging on the wall over a crib. Eventually your babe will be standing and can reach it. And if not she may bang on the walls and it can fall. My youngest daugther loves to play in her crib a bit when she wakes up, and often really rattles around, banging her water bottle on the wall, laughing etc. Sometimes I laugh at how rough she gets a,d that pic would totally fall on her.

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