Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mom and babe.

Update:  Totally ended up getting an awesome nap, with a sweet sleeping baby on my chest, at that.  And this exhaustion, just to let you's hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

I write this as I watch little E, waiting for her to fall asleep after feeding.  This may or may not happen.  She is currently making grunting noises and staring at the dots on her Moses basket.  :) The minute she is officially asleep, I will make my way there as well.  Oh, friends...I believe this week I have reached the point of true exhaustion.  I'm still enjoying everything but simply getting used to a new routine and missing connecting with friends like I'm normally used to.  And my body seems to be fighting off some kind of cold.  Hoping for a fast turnaround.   

Seems as though that sleep won't be to snuggle this baby for a bit.  :)  


  1. I love this picture! I'm so sorry you're tired. Hopefully there's solace in that beautiful bundle you've got! ~Katie

  2. Much solace in this little bundle. And honestly, this exhaustion seems easier than pregnancy exhaustion for some reason. I think it's the reward. :)


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