Friday, November 19, 2010

Now in red.

If any of you liked that Kate Spade Doodle Pen Necklace I blogged about a few months ago...they now have it again, but this time in red (which is super cute and just as versatile).  Sadly, it's gone up in price.  But, I've gotta be honest...I wear mine all. the. time.  P.s.  The last time I wore this while watching the kids, Rosie asked me, "why you got that pencil on your neck?"  haha.  


  1. I walked past a Kate Spade storefront last night and thought of taking a picture for you...but I didn't cause I thought "How will I show it to her? And would that be creepy?"

  2. Oh, my word...not creepy AT all and you can e-mail me! I'd heart any taste of New York. p.s. Have you seen that Saipua is giving away flower arrangements each Friday?? :)

  3. Oh no, I just saw your response. Are they still giving them away??


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