Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun, fun!

I made a little stop into the Kate Spade store in St. Louis this weekend...I'm always amazed how each one is like a sweet little museum full of bubbly colors.  I drooled over the idiom bangles and pretty pink shoes...okay, maybe I drooled over everything.  And, it was fun to see the Cheree Berry (my fav!) installment at the front of the store (view it here - click on "take a chance")!  Anyways, I went in to purchase a 2011 planner (perfect for me since I require a paper calendar with a monthly view) and stumbled upon the most amazing necklace!  I actually asked the sales lady if the price was wrong because it was so much cheaper than I expected.  Turns out it was cheap because it's a PEN necklace (a la Mad Men apparently) that looks like a the most beautiful turquoise color.  Didn't miss a beat buying that baby.  Here she is...I promise the photo doesn't do it justice.

 {"Doodle Pen" Necklace photo found here}

{Kate Spade 2011 Spiral Desk Calendar}

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