Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper. Oh, Paper.

Here's another recent post from 100 layer cake...a fun tour of Cheree Berry's St. Louis Studio. Yay! She's by far my favorite stationer and super, super sweet. Her designs are modern yet whimsical and the color combinations are always amazing.  Cheree did our invitations and it was probably one of my favorite parts of wedding planning (you can see her wedding here!). We used one of her already existing designs and although I'd die for letterpress, it was quite expensive.  So, we went with a flat printed design and couldn't have been happier.  The quality was amazing and the wee little foil-stamped bee made me oh, so happy.  I would have looooved for her to do everything paperish for the wedding had it fit in budget-wise, but we were really happy with the other items designed by a few different artists.  Here was our invitation! Love paper, love weddings. :)


I just saw a different rendition of this which I think is just gorgeous!! 

Here's another super cute one from that 100 layer cake feature!


  1. Colleen, I never miss an opportunity to say how much I LOVED your wedding stationery. Seriously ... when Bethany showed it to me I might have screamed ;) So beautiful!!!!!!!!


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