Thursday, January 28, 2010

And yet again, Paper.

More paper.  Excited.  I think wedding planning was totally more like shopping for art or, at least that's how it felt.  So, when I was super struggling to figure out what we were going to do for our programs and menus...scouring for something gorgeous that fit in our budget and our time frame...I struck gold.  In the form of Erin at Lucky Luxe.  Somehow I happened to stumble upon her blog and saw that she was starting to offer print at home packages.  Again, Erin does a lot of awesome letterpress otherwise!  It was a perfect solution and her designs are absolutely stunning.  She worked with our very crunched time line (and my late responses...eeks) and came up with something really, really wonderful.  Not only did I love the way it looked, but it felt really special and it really expressed us.  So much so that Zach has some of those flowers tattooed on him!  One of my favorites on her site are the screen-printed hankie invites!  These are bad pics, but here they are:

{And a slight addition...Erin has a great new blog to visit: "Make something good today"}

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