Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today was a nice day. We woke up late, went out to lunch with my parents, went to the evening service. And Zach and I got to hang out a bit, which is especially nice knowing we will be apart for yet another week starting on Tuesday. This is stinky, not being together. He's going to Switzerland for two days. Only slightly jealous. Even if he will be working the whole time he's there. And then I'm off to Texas on Thursday.

I really enjoyed the sermon tonight...our pastor talked about busyness, and how it can become a disciple killer. SO true! I let busyness and little things rule my life so much at times. I know we're told not to be anxious about anything, yet I find myself struggling to keep that in mind every day. He was talking about how this can be part of busyness...when we're worried we do things to help ease our worries...we work more, we help more, we look to other activities. I surely don't want this to be my life. I want to work hard and honor the Lord with my time, but I don't want to constantly strive in hopes that it will ease my worries. I want to live in true freedom, which is the point of the gospel anyways, isn't it? I'm glad God is gracious and patient with us as we learn. :) With that said, he gave some really great, practical ways to beat down busyness when it's become a bad thing. I believe I will work at putting those into practice!

And, finally, I ran two miles straight for the first time in quite a few years. And it felt darn good. Even if it was inside, and despite the fact I was breathing sooo heavily that I'm sure everyone across the room could hear me.

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