Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Visit.

Quite excited for Megan's arrival this evening.  Megan is one of the most impressive people I know.  She single-handedly keeps in contact with almost EVERY single person she's met, AND she sends them all birthday cards.  Megan even sent us cards for every single holiday while we were living in Morocco!  I can't tell you how much that meant when we were starved for some small token of America.  Oh, yeah...and she came to visit us.  :)  She's one of those friends who you can pick up with where you left off, and I'm so grateful for that.  Here are some of my favorite moments with Megs (and some favorite life moments).

A quick trip to New York our senior year...

Eating dinner on the square in Marrakech...

One of Megan's goals while visiting was to ride a camel!  We had to bargain a little for a cheaper ride.

At the wedding...

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