Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Lou.

As in the place, St. Louis. :)

Zach and I drove to STL yesterday to drop him off at the airport for yet another trip. Boo. I'm quite ready for him to be home. He'll be back on Friday for a little over a week before he has to head out again. Anyways, despite the fact I had to say good-bye to him all over again, I had a really wonderful day in the Lou. I love those days where you feel like you can go where you want, whenever you want. I stopped by the mall and happened to find a few things, all of which were priced 50-75% off...Wahoo! Anthropologie was almost empty, meaning I could finally look through the sale racks slowly and deliberately! Here is one of the purchases...a skirt which is a wee bit crazy and bubbly. I'm liking these pictures, because I'm not quite sure how to wear it yet.

After shopping, I stopped by Companion, which was amazing. My first experience there was just alright, but I'd heard too many great things, so I had to try again. I had the chicken salad sandwich and the Picnic Basket salad. I can't stop thinking about the salad...strawberries and bleu cheese and walnuts, oh my!!! But the best part was the roll on the side, a pretzel roll. Basically like eating a hot pretzel minus the guilt. Yum.
The drive home was refreshing as well, coffee in hand and listening to talks, one of those titled "The Power of Apology," which was wonderful. The day ended with small group at our house. If only all days could be like this...

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