Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can I have it?

Kate Spade turns out beautiful product after beautiful product.  I love the concentration on small details that makes their company so distinct and wonderful.  The products are trendy and classic all at the same time.  And, they're always, always made well.  I recently received a new wallet- thank you sample sale! -and finally let go of my trusty old baby from high school (it is now in a good friend's hands).  Clearly, this wallet endured nine years of hard abuse and it's still going.  Same with a bag...there was a messenger bag that took me from Mexico to college to North Africa and everywhere else.  I'd say that's a quality product.  At this moment, I can't help but drool over everything on their site.  Here are a few favorites I would love to put together.  
p.s.  I got so excited to be in a  Kate Spade store when I was in St. Louis recently that I bought a pair of bright green what I thought to be tights...apparentely...they are knee socks.  This lady cannot wear knee socks.  I repeat...Cannot.  Read the package and don't impulse buy.  Lesson learned.

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