Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hat deal.

So, I was just on the Kate Spade website (which, by the way...you can download a really fun free mix here right now) and spotted this hat, which looks like a more expensive version of the one my mom knitted me and my sister-in-law last year.  Boo ya.  Unfortunately, the pattern was apparently a pain (and my mom is a very talented knitress), so she's not up for commissions.  haha.  :)  I need to put up more of her knitting later, because she pretty much amazes me with her mad skillz.

Here's the Kate Spade Version.

And a far away view of my mom's knitted version...
{This pic is from Chicago last year...that's my cousin and uncle on the left and my pops on the right.  My cousin and her sisters, at college that weekend, are eight million kinds of cute in every way...sometimes I can't get over them. :)}

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