Friday, September 24, 2010

Now bedding.

Here's my new favorite.  I am contemplating pink walls again after a talk with my mom (the blues and grays are so pretty, but will I regret not doing pink?  I mean, it's my absolute favorite.).  A really light, vintage-like pink.  Nothing over the top.  So thinking about that, it seems better to do some really funky, bright bedding in that white crib to even it out.  There isn't a quilt to go with it (a bummer), but you do get a free pillow like that when you order the bumper and sheet.  So, is it cute enough?  That's the question.  It's "Pinky Dear" by Aunt Bucky with the "Cotton Candy Clouds" crib sheet (thanks, etsy!).

Thoughts, please?  Anyone?


  1. What if you do thick pink/grey stripes?

  2. Pink walls are awesome. :) I still love Lillian's and they are almost 3 years old.


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