Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 11-month birthday, baby girl!!

Dear Eloise,

I absolutely can't believe we're just one month away from your first birthday.  How did this happen so fast?  Just this time last year, I was uncomfortably waiting your arrival, thinking you would be here in just a few days (so wrong).  But you, sweet little babe, were waiting for the perfect moment to arrive.  These past two months (again, doing a two-month post :) have been full of fun new things.  Here we go...

* Biggest news:  You started crawling!!!  Just about week ago you officially started.  How exciting!!  We're so proud of you.  You've been trying for awhile and weren't able to quite coordinate it all, but you didn't seem too bothered by the fact.  But now, you are able to crawl where you want when you want.  At this point in time, you aren't too terribly quick.  It's so fun to see you explore.  Today I set you down and you came to visit me in the kitchen.  So sweet.  Oh, and today I also set you down, only to find you had made your way under the coffee table, had laid down on your back, and were playing with a clump of dog hair.  Yep, that too.

* Daily activities at the moment include: Playing with toys and still, banging toys together.  Banging toys on furniture.  Banging toys on people.  Playing with your hairbrush.  Hitting hairbrush on mama's head.  Pulling mama's hair.  Pulling every single DVD we own out of the shelves and dispersing them throughout the living room.  Desperately trying to find pieces of paper around.  Desperately trying to eat said pieces of paper.  Turning dials on the stereo.  "Reading" LOTS of books.  Loving the Christmas tree.  Pointing at the Christmas tree.

* You love to clap and wave.  No longer just at certain people.  You wave at strangers and smile at them.  You're incredibly excited when they wave back.  And you've started clapping more regularly.  It's so fun.  And so cute.  :)

* You STILL do not have any teeth!  Not one!  I swear one is coming this week, because you haven't been feeling too hot this week/slightly cranky, but maybe it's just a bit of congestion or the change in routine.  You might be a year old before your first comes in!

* Food-wise, you are eating more table food and loving it.  Slowly but surely, you are learning to pick things up with your own hands and put them in your mouth.  You've started to eat rice without it being mashed.  You still love fruits and veggies and are trying new types of meats.  You are super hungry right now, wanting to eat everything we eat and letting us know if you want more.

* You are imitating more sounds now, mostly things like "yay" or "hi."  Tonight it sounded like you tried to say "baby."  You're really trying.  There are lots of "Bababababababa"s going on and also lots of trills and r-rolling.  High-pitched trills, mind you.  :)

* You are an absolute goof-ball.  You like making faces at us and making us laugh, and you love to talk to us in the mornings and look for a reaction.  You also love giving huuuge kisses and waiting for a reaction to that.  It's pretty fun. You love playing with all your grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  You love observing other kids and trying to get their attention.

* You still love to cuddle and are so sweet to hang out with.  You're a snuggle bunny.  I'm so thankful for this.  When school has been hard, you've allowed me to come home and hold and hug you, soaking up all you sweet babyness.  It's such a joy to walk in after a nap and find you smiling at me, ready to be cuddled.  Love, love.

* Baby girl, you will not much longer be a "baby," although I'm sure you will always feel like a baby to me.  I'm tearing up writing this.  You are so precious to us, raising you is such a privilege.  You bring joy to us each and every day.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what this next month holds in your life (and for your first Christmas!!).

Love you, sweet little one.

Your mom

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