Friday, June 10, 2011


I bought them.  I might have added them to one of my school book orders when I was stressed this week.  A moment of weakness.  Pathophys and Bensimon sneaks.  Only on Amazon.  

Wow, this week felt like one really, really long month.  I worked my butt off.  I cried a lot (Really cried.  I mean really.).  I learned a lot.  I didn't sleep much.  It's all new territory.  And it was really hard, but here I'm at the end of the week and I'm relieved to say that I made it.  I survived. :) And despite the fact that I'm still getting used to all the changes and missing Eloise like crazy when I'm gone, the past few days felt far better than the first part of the week.  Have you ever heard of grace?  Sometimes I have a little trouble extending it to myself, even though God offers it so freely.  And this week was a lesson in that.  I have a feeling this whole year will be.  Thankful I made it to the weekend.  Only a little over two years to go.  :) 

Hey, and if we're friends (or family), here's a chance to say a little 'hi'...I miss you and love you!


  1. LOVE those sneaks!!! I can't wear them either...they make my feet look funny!


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