Saturday, March 5, 2011

The choir.

Megs came into town yesterday for a fun night out...Thai food and The Vienna Boys Choir!   It was really wonderful to catch up and hang out, and the choir was very good.  We kept laughing at how cute they much younger looking and acting than I realized.  I don't know what I expected?!  So many of them looked like they hadn't brushed their hair in days and one of them was wearing the cutest pair of Harry Potter glasses.  And they sang "We are the World" with German accents.  It was pretty cute (and pretty), too.  Also, by the end of March, Eloise will already have gotten to hang out with Aunt Megan three times.  I find this very, very exciting.  Aunt Megan will teach her how to travel well and write goal lists (One of Megan's college goals was to ride a Zamboni at a hockey game.  She did it.).

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