Monday, March 14, 2011

My prayer.

Last Sunday we had Eloise dedicated at church...nothing crazy, just a simple prayer over all the kids up there, but special nonetheless.  It got me thinking....thinking a lot about what kind of parents we want to be.  We've both been blessed with loving parents whom we enjoy being around, so how can we emulate that?  And how can I pray for this little girl?  And for us?  I feel overwhelmed by the crazy amount of things.  All the things that make me anxious and downright fearful.  So I've determined, when it comes down to it, for us, my biggest prayer is that she loves Jesus.  That she would know Him and experience God's love fully, because when we've failed her or disappointed her as parents, that still stands.  Because as much as I pray we'll be good parents (which I do), our imperfections are great.  And as much as I want to think I'll never fail her, I know at times I will.  I think that's been the greatest gift my parents have given me.  They've pointed me to God before they pointed me to themselves.  And they're incredible parents (the most incredible, in my opinion :), but they were never the end all, be all.  They were and are simply themselves.  Showing authority while admitting to their imperfections and flaws.  Because we're all human.  So, that's what I'll do.  Pray for her to know Him.  And experience His love in every which way.  In ways we might not be able to provide.  And that through Him, she would know that she was the sweetest little blessing we've ever been given. 


  1. i love this post! we had charlies in november and that day was so special to me.


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