Thursday, April 26, 2012

I like to eat cake.

Birthday cake - it was too pretty to eat {but we ate it anyways}.  Made by Alanna, who is not the type of person to just bake you a cake.  I know she made this cake.  Like, from scratch and the freshest ingredients and yumminess and lots of love type of cake.  Although so delicious, the lots of love means the most.  It was pink ombre on the outside with the prettiest design, with sugar pearls and a pink ombre middle (read: each layer stacked in a separate color).  And last but not least, I knew straight when it touched my mouth that by golly, this cake had almond extract in it.  Perfection.  I wish I could have saved it.


  1. Lots of love is right :-) Love you to pieces, Colleen.

  2. Oh my god. I'm dying to eat this Colleen! No. Dying to just start at it in awe. And drool...then eat!


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