Friday, May 25, 2012

Eloise update.

Things you say:
* Too Too (choo choo - while motioning the train whistle pull
* Seeng (swing)
* Biih (bike)
* Hiiiii
* Heey
* Uh-Oh
* Oh, baby
* Oh, no
* Oh, man
* Shu (Shoes)
* Eiiies (eyes)
* Siide (slide)
* NO, no, no
* Nana (banana)
* Blues (blueberries)
* Baby
* Buuuh (book)
* Mooo (cow sounds, as well as the name for both our dogs?)
* Baah (sheep)
* Raaarh (lion)
* Elmo
* Mama
* Dada
* Da
* Ro (Rosie)
* Mwwwah (while giving kisses)
* Eeeeeeee - a very high-pitched shriek (get me out of here/I'm mad at you/I'm really excited)

Songs you sing:
* The Itsy Bitsy Spider - you randomly break into this at least a few times a day
* Five Little Monkeys - lots of finger shaking for "No more monkies jumping..."
* Baby Beluga
* Twinkle, twinkle little star

Things you do:
* Walk, walk, walk (No running yet).  Cutest part - you always walk with your hands on your chest for security.
* Laugh and try to make others laugh - like those one-liner laughs with lots of gusto.
* Exclaim and throw your hands up in the air - everything is so exciting these days.
* Talk, talk, talk.   Talk to people, talk on fake phones (all. the. time.), talk to the dogs.
* Give the best hugs on this planet.
* Play at the park and on your swing set.
* Splash water any chance you get.
* Read loads and loads of books.


  1. Wow Eloise. You do and say A LOT! I can't wait to see and hear all of it very soon!


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