Monday, April 18, 2011


Thanks to my husband (and birthday), I'll be sporting this dress Easter Sunday!  It makes me happy.  Also thanks to Zach, a surprise dinner with friends in St. Louis (at Modesto should go) on Friday evening.  We left Ellie (sadly, a screaming Ellie) with my mom and dad and headed to the Lou.  It was such a blast and such a sweet way to celebrate #27.  I felt really loved.  Even the car ride together was a treat.  And I ate so much food that I thought I might burst.  But I kept eating.  And I'd do it all over again.  Bacon-wrapped dates covered in honey, oh my. 

p.s.  At our family celebration, my niece gave me a card.  Amber told me she could hear her trying to spell out my name while she was writing it.  Result: Colin.  I'll cherish it forever.

p.p.s.  Tres Leches cake my mom got from a bakery in town.  I'd eat that all over again, too.


  1. oh my gosh i love that dress!! :) it is so pretty!
    and that's so cute to call eloise ellie...did you plan on doing that or did it just happen?

  2. You are Kidding! We were about to be pair look on easter:)
    And I love Colin:)
    I have something for you for your Birthday too:)
    Hope to see you soon!!!


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