Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Three-Month Birthday!

Dear Eloise,

Today (now yesterday), you -our little sweet pea- turned a whopping three months old!  It's amazing how much you've grown in the past month!  You weigh a little over 12 pounds now; I haven't measured your length lately.  You've grown so much in other ways,'ve been smiling SO much more than last month.  When you wake up, I undo your swaddle blanket and you let out a huuuuge stretch and an even bigger smile.  And you keep smiling that pretty little smile until you realize you're hungry.  :)  You've begun to completely sleep through the night, usually nine hours at a time!  I love putting you to bed at night, rocking you and singing you songs as you burrow your little head into my shoulder.  It's the sweetest.  You still haven't gotten the hang of sleeping during the day, but we're so, so thankful that you sleep at night.   

I'm almost positive that you've let out a giggle or two in the past few weeks.  In fact, I think you did this morning!  Either that or something that sounds very close.  You love funny noises, faces, and being talked to.  And you love to talk back.  One would think you were discussing the most serious topics from the sincerity in your face.  And maybe you are!  You stare your little eyes right into ours, gurgling and cooing away.  I wish I knew what you were saying.  Even so, I cherish our little conversations.  This week, each morning I've laid you in bed next to me as we "talk" to each other and smile.  I hope this is just the beginning of our chats.

You have much more neck control now and can sit up if we hold you.  It's much more fun than you having to lay down all the time!  You also love to stand up with our help.  You've started lifting your head more during tummy time, too.  You have fun on your play mat, batting at your toys, grabbing them, and making faces at yourself in the mirror.   You tend to grab things with intensity when you're mad...especially my hair.  You LOVE to grab my hair.  So much so that you start to get upset when you can't get ahold of it.  You've also started grabbing your feet when we sit you up to burp, which is utterly adorable.  I love knowing that you are intentional about what you want now.  

This third month has been a little harder overall, though.  You find it hard to nap, which I think makes you a little unhappy in the afternoons and evenings.  And you don't like to be put down.  Even when you are held, though, some afternoons you simply cry and scream.  It's so hard...I wish I knew how to make you feel better.  But, each day we get through it and I think we are on the upswing!  Some days I just try to forget that there are things to be done and errands to run and try to cuddle and comfort you.  I'm sure in a few months I will miss how much you needed my help during this time.  

Eloise Anne, we love you more and more each day (as if that were possible).  Sometimes your dad and I still stare at you, repeating how much we love you over again.  It's love so deep that it hurts.  Some (most) nights when I rock you to sleep, even after a hard day, I still cry at the incredible privilege it is to be your mom.  To be entrusted with the care of something so sweet.  You are beautiful and wonderfully treasured, dear baby.  Happy Birthday!

You mom

{Eloise is wearing the sweater Cookie knit her; she's holding Sophie the Giraffe}


  1. Very sweet momma! It's funny, for all the uniqueness of babies, the sheer happiness of motherhood (really parenthood) seems to be pretty universal. You're a good Mommy Col, she's lucky to have you. ;-) ~Katie

  2. So beautifully written Col. As always. I can't believe she is three months old and I can't wait to see her (and you of course!) in just a few weeks! :)


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