Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Announce it.

Now that we've finally sent out our baby announcements, I thought I'd go ahead and post them up here (these are some not so great phone pics)!  I was going to do a series on fun announcements beforehand, but welp, I didn't get to it.  I'd been dreaming of letterpress since the beginning of pregnancy and ended up settling on this light pink dot and orange type from Page Stationery.  I lined the envelopes with a yellow polka dot paper from Hobby Lobby (you can buy templates for lining, but I made my own) and added a photo printed by dotphoto (one of the only places to print 3x5 photos).  And I was also able to put our address stamp to really good use.  It was pretty exciting to send these out...I wonder if Eloise will like paper as much as I do?  I sure hope so.  :)  

You can see some of my absolute favorite birth announcements here and here.


  1. WOW...we literally live on the same street. That is hilarious!! LOVE Southern Illinois!!

  2. I meant to say thanks for ours earlier! They are super cute!


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