Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fulfilling Day.

So...had a full Saturday, but that good kind of full. Alanna and I threw a Mother's day brunch for our moms and their lovely breakfast group. It was really fun to do something for them after they've done so much for us (loving us dearly, hosting many a bridal shower). And, we felt well prepared which made for a fun event over all. Here are a few photos of the event. And there's our outdoor picnic table in our dining room. We knew it would be too cold to eat outside and our dining room table is too small, so Alanna came up with the idea of bringing the picnic table inside. Zach knew as soon as this happened that it might become a more permanent fixture. I mean, seriously, how fun is it to eat at a picnic table INside?! And how fun is it to be able to fit eight people at a table rather than four? Zach informed us that his college roommate had one in his kitchen out of necessity, but it's so much cooler when it's a matter of choice and aesthetic. haha. So, for now our dining room table resides in the basement. Until I change my mind again, that is.
Picnic table fun. And PEONIES from the farmer's market...yay!!

Place Settings.

Just look at those blooms. :)

The food...stuffed french toast, sweet and spicy bacon, asparagus with boiled eggs and hollandaise, and Pink Champagne Lemonade!

All the lovely ladies!

And on that note, Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. It was a wonderful brunch! Everything was beautiful AND delicious. Thanks again!!

  2. Seriously, Colleen. You are one of my favorite girls in the whole wide world.


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