Sunday, May 2, 2010

fun, fun.

The Reform School, a shop in the Silver Lake area of L.A., was a place we made a point to visit after reading about it in Dwell magazine. And, it was just as cool as we thought it would be! Here are a few of the prints we bought (photos from their website), which are hanging on our wall right now! We found a few other small things...their letterpress card selection was amazing and they even had Saipua soaps available! Check out their website for photos of their shop, which is super fun, including fluffy 3-D clouds in the window and pencils in the ceiling!


  1. Super fun, fun! totally cool prints. Dan and I have admired goodies on reform school for a long time-- what fun to go to the real shop!

  2. Yay!! You're here! p.s. these are where your taggies came from! :)

  3. Nice pics! I can't wait to see them for real in July!


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