Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Finishing.

Finishing a book is quite possibly one of the best feelings in the world. Can I tell you why? Because I'm a book grazer. That's right. Often times I begin a book, leave it half unread and simply move to another. I find it quite a shameful quality. When people ask me if I've read a book, much of the time I am resigned to reply that I have "started it and enjoyed the portion I read." So, with that said, I will assure you that I have completely read the books in my posts unless otherwise stated. Here, I proudly share a few of my recent vacation reads...cover to cover, my friends.

How Starbucks Saved My Life...sometimes it felt a little repetitive but overall a good read and interesting story.

Love and War was one of the best marriage books I've read so far.

Lastly, I finally finished A Homemade Life, which was absolutely and utterly wonderful. You can't help but fall in love with all of her recipes and their beautiful stories. And I love her simply for saying that "hell hath no fury like a woman starved," which I read shortly after Zach had informed me that intense hunger causes me to become "near homicidal." haha.


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