Sunday, November 11, 2012

They grow and grow.

One of my favorite photos ever.  My mom knit these aprons for the ladies in our family when Rosie was just a little one, and now the baby one fits E.  So crazy.  I'm amazed by how much Rosie has grown up and how amazingly big my baby has become.  

To keep track of Eloise's updates for favorite things she does right now:
* Always wakes up happy.  Always.  I love seeing her smile in the morning.
* Gets right up in our faces constantly and says really loudly "HI, MAMA!" or "HI, DADA!"
* And then proceeds to point out every part of our face..."nose, eyes, ears, cheeks..."
* Counts to 10, often skipping 7 and 8 for some reason.
* Waves and says hello very loudly when she sees us from afar.
* Dances and shakes maracas (her favorite) like nobody's business.
* Hugs her stuffed animals as tight as can be around the neck.
* Is able to ask for what she wants and knows where things are now.
* Screams in sheer delight when she hears Elmo on TV.

And if I had time, I'd list a million more...

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