Friday, November 30, 2012

And now I want more pink.

Why I now definitely, positively want pink curtains in our family room. {I need this to happen} Specifically, the fabric below (dangerously available and not ridiculously priced). And why I now want to paint more rooms pink (that part won't happen - our kitchen is already pink).  I thank Katie, who sent me the link to this house. :) I can just see these pink curtains, all sidled up to our Christmas tree, brightening up the room.  

Despite the fact that I absolutely love white furniture and whites and grays and burlaps and wood and all things simple and modern and country all the same, it turns out I can never seem to resist color and pattern.  I want things to be so perfect and matching.  But I have given into the fact that my house will naturally always look as if a 5-year old little girl came in and threw up her most favorite possessions and colors all in one room.  Which is what is happening now.  I can see it now before my eyes.  For example - on my coffee table - my favorite classic blue serving bowl, filled with classic-colored felt pinecones (Parents of toddlers, don't fill bowls with ornaments.  Bad things will happen.  Trust me.), then added to silver tinsel and hot pink puffy pom-poms?  What?!  Yeah. Oh, well.

And on that note, glorious pictures of that beautiful pink-ness of a house, all from Young House Love {post here}.  I also like the owner's blog, where she talks about her inspiration and art, and where she got the colors for her walls.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! I feel famous now. ;) ~Your Fellow Christmas Junkie

  2. Oh my yes please please can I have those yellow and white upholstered headboards! When I saw this room on YHL I'm pretty sure I felt actual pain there were so many beautiful things I wanted to recreate :) One day when there aren't little needy folks climbing all over me all the live long day I'll have time to make the rooms I live in cute again....
    Also, did you see the glass lamps she filled with little toys (cars and such) in her son's room??!! Becket would be just as excited as me about that :)

  3. Beautiful! You should go for it. :)

  4. Colleen! Please help me to plan our living room, and dining room to choose curtains and color of the wall! Please!!!! Id love to change and put fresh feeling soon!!!!!!


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