Monday, September 30, 2013

Eloise's Toddler (kind of big girl) Room

When I meant I was back, apparently I meant...not back?   I don't know.  I'll guess I'll figure out what keeping this up looks like for me now that I'm done with school and out in the work world.  Brief update - I began working - I'll be practicing in family practice.  That's about as brief as it gets, although I would like to write more about finishing school at some point.  

But, for now... Eloise's room, rearranged to allow for her toddler bed and of course, her horse 
(we will have to talk more about horses and the intense, intense obsession at a later time).   So, the original plan was to get Eloise her twin bed (this Jenny Lind for The Land of Nod) and some nice horse bedding, perhaps.  In my mind, what was the point of a toddler bed?  Well, we decided to save some money now and wait to buy her twin.  Then we would just add a cheap guard rail to her crib - oh, wait - basically like the front of the crib.  Then we would buy the guard rail that goes with her crib - oh, wait - that's about $20 cheaper than buying a toddler bed.  So, toddler bed it was and now I'm obsessed (ps - I am utterly obsessed with this one - jenny lind, get the trend).  It's so tiny and sweet.  And we purchased some toddler bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  There's nothing cuter than a mini set of sheets - Let me tell you.  Otherwise, as you can see, we haven't changed much.  Just rearranged. 

El has tolerated the move to a bed weirdly well.  I keep expecting her to go haywire about it, but maybe she was just ready.  She thinks it's a fun place to read books and play.  I also love getting to tell her to "climb into bed" on her own.  So sweet. 


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