Friday, August 9, 2013

Graduation in photos.

One of the major events while I was off from blogging...I graduated from PA school!  Yay!  I'll write more later, but here are some photos from the big day.  I can't believe this day finally came (my first white coat ceremony here).  Many of the photos are from Mayumi or my mother-in-law.

Receiving my long white coat.  So exciting.

There are two PAs in the family now.  Woot!

The family.

Love these ladies.

Party time at my parents' abode, planned by my mom and Zach.  So much fun.
(p.s.  My mom says that banner was from minted, and I think the straws as well.)

Eloise Anne.

E and T - born 4 days apart.

Biggest roomies from Morocco came in from far away.  Loved, loved, loved it.

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