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Hi, hello.

Well, almost 2.5 months without blogging.  Things I have learned about not blogging for a long while.  A.  I miss it.  B.  You get a lot of spam when you're away.  Anyway, for some reason I feel like we're on that downhill part of a roller coaster, and it's going just a little fast.  We kind of are, I guess.  Two rotations have come and gone (almost) since my last post - family medicine and psychiatry, to be exact.  I have completed and presented my Master's Project (such a relief).  And as of this coming Friday, only ONE rotation left and then a two-month preceptorship through the summer. (With a two-week break in the middle!!!)  Graduation date: August 3rd.  Then, boards.  Then, off to work.  And, for those of you wondering, we will now officially be staying in Carbondale at least another year.  Zach will continue to apply to PA schools and I will begin working.  I'm planning to work in family medicine (my favorite - ER takes a very close second).  I know I will be working, and that will bring its own challenges - I don't want to just work, I want to do a good job - but  I look forward to being out of school.  I don't know how I'll react when I'm done.  Maybe I'll just cry for days out of relief.  

So, what to post about here.  I was thinking my favorite random things recently?  I know I should be studying.  Or sleeping before clinic, but I want to post and I'm very much awake.  And I've been avoiding studying anyways.   Proudly, though, I have in fact been getting 7- 8 hours a night consistently for weeks (ruining that tonight).  This is a BIG feat for me.  I've been getting sick way too often, so I decided it was time.  So, without further ado...

1) This Laura Mercier foundation - love Bobbi Brown, but it wasn't available where I was.  Decided on this.  A little drier than I'm used to, but I think maybe it lasts a long time because of this, and maybe it will be good just for summer.  We'll see how it stacks up to Bobbi long-term.

2) These pants from Gap.  Hallelujah!  Someone asked me if I lost weight when I wore these - no, in fact I have gained a few, but thank you very much and I will promptly order more.   The ankle (I'm 5'2"  ish) is long enough that I have to wear a wedge or my clogs (yes, I've resorted to clogs), which I prefer.  Part of the whole illusion of length business.

3)  This ipad mini cover.  It is sturdy and pretty and has a clasp close.  I tried the smart cover.  I am not that delicate with tech-y things.  It will not work.  This one also matches my planner.  The end.

4)  The Mindy Project.  I laugh until I almost cry every episode.  So hilarious.

5) Eloise and Lucy.  This is Lucy (excep not "twins" as below).  My parents got "Wucy" for her birthday, and at first she screamed when she saw her.   And now they're the best little friends, and Wucy goes to bed with Eloise and she's the first thing E grabs when she wakes up.  She also attends school at times.   She eats breakfast with the other kids.  E has been quite kind to Wucy, allowing her to wear clothes for days now.  This was a no-no according to Eloise just weeks ago.  Also, this doll has hair.  Eloise is VERY into hair.  And, for those of you who may know, my American Girl dolls were really special to me.  It makes me happy to see her love her doll so much.  And watching a two-year old rock a baby is so, so sweet.

5) My watch.  I wear a watch now.  I've become a full-fledged adult.  It is necessary now.  I need to check pulses and such.  And it seems unprofessional to not have one?  And my watch also has the date on it.  I'm surprised that I now feel bare without it. {I also like this pink one}.  Sadly, KS product I'm not so happy with is my "perfect" has begun peeling, so I'm in process of returning.  Sad face.  Looking to other bags for replacement.  Suggestions?

I'm going to try to post more soon.  But I make no promises.


  1. So happy you have a little time to blog again :) Congratulations on the job!!! (I heard about it from Cath last weekend.)


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