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This little one is growing up way. too. fast.  I can't stop to think about it or I'll start crying. 

Her recent interests include...
* Singing the ABCs (constantly.  I mean, constantly.).  Watch video for proof.
* Pumpkins.  She talks about the "punkin" on our porch every morning.  "Itssa punkin!"
* Counting.  Sometimes to the number 10.  Mostly 1, 2, 3 over and over again.
* Repeating every single word we say.  
* Making people laugh and fake-laughing.
* Running.
* Dancing.  I tell you, this girl is a dancing fool.  Like, needs to dance every day.  And if I get tired and sit while we're dancing, she begins crying while pulling my shoulder and screams, "UP! UP!"
* Books.  Still.  She's obsessed.  If we're not dancing, we're most likely reading books.  Books about Elmo are a big favorite, but any of them will do.
* Climbing.  Climbing on chairs and couches and anything, really - on her own, mind you.  She sits on a booster seat to eat, no longer wanting to be secured in her high chair.  I mean, what do we think she is, a baby?
* Giving hugs.  She's still the best hugger on the planet.  I mean that.  I'm so her cuddliness hasn't gone away.
* At daycare, she loves to play and eat.  Apparently, she scavanges her classmates' plates after she is done.  Embarrassing.  I promise we feed her.  


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You guys.  These are by far these worst videos ever made.  Yet I made them.  That's your first piece of information.  Second - why?  Why on earth would you post these silly, low-quality videos? I've had some people ask about my hair recently, specifically the waves/curls I've been doing. And, we've all talked about getting together, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  So, here you go.  I can't wait to get my first thumbs down on YouTube.  Also, I am completely aware that there are much more important things going on in the world right now. 🙂
The main product that makes the difference for me is my curling iron, The Beachwaver (I use the S1 most of the time, S .75 less often).  I swear I'm not trying to sell it. I just really, really like it.   I realize it is a lot of money for a curling iron, so it's an investment (the 20 % off coupons from Ulta apply to this product when they're available and you can apply for their points system - I got min…

Current clothing faves.

Regular blogging, she said, right?  Whoops.  Seriously...I'm trying.  I swear I'll get more consistent.  Anyways...  
Madewell is killing me right now.  The idea of spending more on maternity clothes that won't fit in three months is too much to stand, but I am still running out of stuff to wear, so I decided to try some things on the in the store recently (Holla - store close to home!) and holy cow, they are winning this season.  Madewell is one of those brands that I find doesn't look as cute on the website or hangers as it does in person.  Here were my favorites...Some outer layers to wear over maternity tanks and tees and then a few other tops that can expand. 

This long cardigan.  I typically don't wear long cardigans because of my height, but this one seems to work - I think it must be the weight.  

Look at this you guys.  You are wearing a sweatshirt.  But you look like you are wearing a structured jacket.  BOOM. 

This shirt is incredible. Works with a belly, bu…


This. Girl. - I love her.
Two is hard sometimes, you know that?  So fun and so taxing - all at the same time.   This little person becoming their own human being, little by little.  Our girl, she is very much her own person.  Stubborn, strong-willed.  But sweet and cuddly.  And SO much fun.   Asking Jesus for help as we aim to shape this little being - allowing her to blossom, yet to obey. In my frustration sometimes I imagine this will of hers standing up to something more substantial in the years to come (not just potty training or foods she dislikes), which gives me some relief - She'll stand strong to her faith being rocked; She'll ward off that idiot of a boy (they'll all be idiots in my opinion, I assume) who thinks he is worthy of her attention.
He has created her this way - our feisty, silly, sweet little girl.  I am so thankful.

{Photos thanks to Elena Brown}