Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This little one is growing up way. too. fast.  I can't stop to think about it or I'll start crying. 

Her recent interests include...
* Singing the ABCs (constantly.  I mean, constantly.).  Watch video for proof.
* Pumpkins.  She talks about the "punkin" on our porch every morning.  "Itssa punkin!"
* Counting.  Sometimes to the number 10.  Mostly 1, 2, 3 over and over again.
* Repeating every single word we say.  
* Making people laugh and fake-laughing.
* Running.
* Dancing.  I tell you, this girl is a dancing fool.  Like, needs to dance every day.  And if I get tired and sit while we're dancing, she begins crying while pulling my shoulder and screams, "UP! UP!"
* Books.  Still.  She's obsessed.  If we're not dancing, we're most likely reading books.  Books about Elmo are a big favorite, but any of them will do.
* Climbing.  Climbing on chairs and couches and anything, really - on her own, mind you.  She sits on a booster seat to eat, no longer wanting to be secured in her high chair.  I mean, what do we think she is, a baby?
* Giving hugs.  She's still the best hugger on the planet.  I mean that.  I'm so her cuddliness hasn't gone away.
* At daycare, she loves to play and eat.  Apparently, she scavanges her classmates' plates after she is done.  Embarrassing.  I promise we feed her.  

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