Monday, June 4, 2012

Another New Sponsor...Magic Beans!

So excited about my newest sponsor, Magic Beans, based out of Boston.  Because they seriously sell every baby/kid product I love.  It's pretty awesome.  You guys will probably see me linking to them more often now because they have so much great stuff, and sometimes it's hard to find it in one location.  Here are just a few of my favs below, but this doesn't even touch the surface.  Details:  Free Shipping over $75 and a lowest price guarantee.  P.S. They have these sweet baby basket options for gift-giving.

This Rody Ride-On Horse...I think these are hilarious and SO adorable.  We don't have this yet, but I think Eloise would love it...I've heard so many good reviews!  It seems like kids can use them for a few years, too.

Like I've said before, the BOB Revolution SE.  Because we're pretty much obsessed with it.  Even more so than a few weeks ago.  I thought I loved it, but Zach might be more in love than I am and tries to test its abilities, like taking stairs instead of ramps just because it's fun.  :)

Pretty Sakura Bloom Slings.  I don't own one of these, but seeing them on A Cup of Joe has made me a fan.

Henrietta The Pull Along Hen...not surprisingly, a toy Eloise has from Cookie :)...she doesn't even care about the pull toy so much as the fun clucking sound effects.

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