Monday, July 5, 2010

The spin pin.

I've been wanting to try these Goody spin pins for a few weeks, but I was skeptical, especially since a package of two cost six dollars. But after making the plunge the other day, I know they are TOTALLY worth it. Amazing! My hair is pretty thick and ponytail holders always work, but when it comes to bobby pins or plastic clips, forget it. I do possess one favorite heavy duty metal clip (which looks like some kind of torture device), but I bought it at a grocery store in Morocco, so the day I lose that baby, I have no hopes of a replacement. So, spin pins, you're going to change my life. Just one little guy for a perfect bun. See for's a fuzzy picture from my phone..


  1. Ooo, where do you buy these babies?

  2. I'm interested to actually see you put one in...right now I can't really picture how they work.


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